AAO T Visa Opinion Table

CAST’s AAO opinion table provides a simple way to look at recent T visa decisions made by the Administrative Appeals Office (or AAO) at United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The table organizes these opinions based on the reason why the original T visa was denied, such as lack of evidence of severe form of trafficking.

CAST’s team works hard to update the AAO table with the most recent opinions; however, this table is not a replacement for searching the USCIS website for recent AAO opinions.  We also want to note that not all the AAO opinions from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ AAO opinion page are available on legal search engines like Westlaw or LexisNexis. CAST has provided Westlaw citations when available.

How to Access

Click on this link to open an account with AirTable to view the table.  You are required to have an account with AirTable in order to access the table.

How to Use

Upon accessing the table, you will see a spreadsheet of all the opinions that CAST has currently collated and uploaded.  On the left, you will see a “Views” button.  Use this button to find filtered lists of specific cases (e.g., DV/HT cases, Border cases, etc.). The video below provides a walkthrough of how to use the table. 

If you have additional questions or need additional case support, submit a technical assistance request here.


Note: As of September 2021, opinions prior to 2019 have not been fully uploaded.  CAST will continue to upload these older opinions slowly. All new opinions after 2019 that are available on the USCIS website have all been uploaded and the latest opinions will be consistently updated as they become available.