Individual Technical Assistance

The CAST Training and Technical Assistance program serves professionals exclusively, including legal providers, social service providers, law enforcement, and program managers. If you are a survivor in need of assistance, please contact the CAST Hotline 888-539-2373. We often experience a high volume of demand. We endeavor to respond to a technical assistance request within 15 business days, but this is not always possible. Due to the high number of requests we receive, priority is given to requests from (1) OVC and OVW grantees, (2) requests related to court or filing deadlines, and (3) those who have completed a CAST e-learning course or in-person training.

For Document Review requests:  As part of our updated protocols for document review, we now require that all of folks requesting document review complete two of our e-learning courses: Human Trafficking Defined and T Visa Part 1. This includes completing the self-assessment.  We will not review your documents until the courses are complete. 

Submit your request for assistance on this

(We no longer accept individual phone requests or email requests for assistance.  If you wish to ask a question on the phone, please sign up for one of our Technical Assistance Calls.)

Looking for an agency to refer your client?  Try checking out these lists for organizations who are funded to provided trafficking-victim services: Social Service Referral Lists (includes legal providers).  If your interested in referring your client CAST, please call our 24/7 response line 888-539-2373.

CAST offers free individualized assistance for all attorneys and social service providers who are assisting trafficking survivors in the following areas of law:

  • Criminal Victim Witness Advocacy
  • Criminal Re-Entry
  • Immigration
  • Reporting to Law Enforcement
  • Civil
  • Program Support
  • Ethics & More