CAST Webinars

CAST provides free webinars on a variety of anti-trafficking topics. Please see below for webinar descriptions.

Access CAST's webinars here:

  • T Visas from a Race Equity Lens (1.5 CA MCLE credits including .5 hours of Elimination of Bias)
    • Immigration practice is rooted in social justice, but rarely do practitioners have conversations on how legal strategy can perpetuate the dangerous myth of American exceptionalism and what steps we can use to decrease reductionist narratives of other countries. In this webinar, we discuss ways to approach T visas from a Critical Race Theory lens to minimize these narratives while still being successful. We also demonstrate how using a race equity lens with our clients can help to reduce the impact of supremacist systems on their lives, and how they engage with legal systems outside of immigration law.
  • Human Trafficking and Specialized Criminal Re-Entry Remedies for Survivors (SB823 Training)
    • Webinar will focus on understanding the legal definition of human trafficking in CA. It will provide detailed instructions on the legal elements required to apply for vacatur and sealing of arrest records under California SB 823.
  • Working with Case Managers
    • Webinar for attorneys to understand what are the roles of social services providers and how partnering with social service providers can benefit the legal cases survivors of trafficking are involved with.
  • Survivor Led Webinar "Legal Representation - Lessons Learned Through Our Experience"
    • Survivor-Leaders discuss perspectives from trafficking survivors about what has worked and what have been the challenges of receiving effective legal representation.
  • T Visa Strategies for Attorneys
    • Attorneys who are new to working with T visas and advanced T practitioners will learn tips for putting together successful T visa applications and best practices in responding to Requests for Further Evidence (RFEs).
  • TVAP Training -The Trauma Exception: Best Practice for T Visa Petitions
    • CAST's Training and Technical Assistance Team trains on promising practices for utilizing the trauma exception for T visa cases including the importance of protecting privilege in the intake process and working with law enforcement.
  • Human Trafficking Identification - Live Analysis for Attorneys
    • CAST's TTA team does a brief overview of the legal definition of "Severe Form of Trafficking in Persons" under 22 USC 7102(11) and how to utilize the Process-Means-End model to do a factual analysis for identification or T Visa purposes.