Legal E-Learning Courses

CAST provides free online courses for legal providers on a variety of topics. Courses for attorneys may provide free California Continuing Legal Education credit (CLEs). Completion of any online course and passing of the accompanying self-test assessment give access to CAST’s online cloud drive of legal templates and resources.

Access the online courses here:

Courses available include: 

  • Human Trafficking Defined for Attorneys
    • An overview on what human trafficking is and takes an in-depth look at the legal definition of trafficking in persons. 2.25 CA MCLE provided
  • Legal Framework and Intake Best Practices
    • Overview of the human trafficking legal framework and intake best practices for attorneys working with trafficking survivors. 1.50 CA MCLE provided
  • Ethical Considerations in Representing Trafficking Survivors
    • Overview of ethical considerations for working with trafficking survivors including conflicts of interest and confidentiality. 1.0 CA Legal Ethics MCLE provided
  • Victims’ Rights
    • Part 1 – An introduction to victims’ rights: learn what victims’ rights are, why they are important to enforce in trafficking cases, and how to enforce victims’ rights through the law enforcement reporting stage. This session also discusses where to report trafficking cases for T Visa purposes.  1.0 CA MCLE provided
    • Part 2 – Learn how to assert rights, determine considerations that should be made during each phase of the criminal prosecution, and gain practical tips on effective victims’ rights enforcement. 0.75 CA MCLE provided
    • Part 3 – Learn about criminal restitution and victims’ compensation program, both two crucial victims’ rights for monetary compensation for a victims’ loss. 0.75 CA MCLE provided
  • T Visas
    • Part 1 – Overview on a comparison of immigration relief for trafficking survivors and the basics of how to file a T visa. 1.5 CA MCLE provided
    • Part 2 – Overview on applying for T-visa derivatives, next steps, and advisements to clients after approval. 1.5 CA MCLE provided
    • Adjustment of Status – Overview on applying for T-visa adjustment of status and how to apply for early adjustment for T nonimmigrants. 1.5 CA MCLE provided
  • Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence
    • Part 1 – A focus on looking at family law through a human trafficking lens including discussing how restraining/protective orders can impact a human trafficking case. 1.0 CA MCLE provided
    • Part 2 – A practical guide on how to approach DV/HT cases from common pitfalls to deconstruct a DV/HT T Visa declaration 1.25 CA MCLE provided
  • Civil Remedies and Public Benefits for Trafficking Survivors
    • Overview of available civil remedies for trafficking survivors, considerations for civil intake and assessment, and introduction to public benefits for trafficking survivors. 1.25 CA MCLE provided