Reporting Trafficking Victimization to Law Enforcement

Target Audience

This toolkit is for use by attorneys and legal representatives preparing to help a trafficking survivor report their victimization to law enforcement. The toolkit addresses the T visa law enforcement cooperation requirement in detail and reviews important considerations that legal advocates should discuss with their survivor client prior to engaging with law enforcement.

If you are a survivor pursuing a T visa or are not an attorney or accredited representative, please connect with an attorney for assistance.

Toolkit Contents

  • Practice Advisory: CAST Law Enforcement Cooperation Guide (updated October 2022)
  • Video: Reporting Trafficking Victimization to Law Enforcement (5 mins, November 2022)

Additional Resources

A complete list of CAST’s advisories can be found here; access to all of CAST’s free e-learning courses and webinars can be found here. To request individual technical assistance, please complete the form linked here.