Intensive T Visa Declaration Workshop

This free, four-session workshop will be a unique learning opportunity where you will have an initial T visa declaration reviewed by other attorneys, helping you gain the skills to craft a stronger client declaration. The information and tips we share during this workshop are based on years of filing successful T visa applications before USCIS and our TTA team’s birds’ eye view of what tends to work and what may cause issues.

Skills learned during this workshop will include:  

  • Severe form of trafficking framing tips;
  • How to address physical presence in a client declaration; and
  • Other practical skills for addressing additional eligibility requirements in the client declaration. 

This workshop requires active participation throughout each session, as attendees will also be reviewing the declarations and providing feedback to two peers.

This course is for attorneys/DOJ accredited representatives who have an active case where they need assistance.  Participants should have a client declaration to work on as CAST will not be providing samples for this workshop.  

Training Dates and Time: 

  • May 2, 9, 16, & 23, 2023 (Tuesdays)
  • 10 AM – 12 PM PST/1 PM - 3 PM EST

**Participation in all four sessions is required as this workshop is dependent on peer participation.**

Workshop structure:  

  • Four total live classes - one two-hour live class each week for a month.  
    • Each class will include:  
      • Review of a specific T visa eligibility requirement; 
      • Dedicated time for peer-to-peer collaboration to discuss and brainstorm declaration strategies based on feedback provided; and
      • Opportunity to ask questions.
  • Pre-work to be completed prior to three live classes (approximately 90 minutes per class).
    • After each class, each participant will review one section of two peer declarations and provide feedback based on the workshop rubric.
    • Additionally, participants will update their declarations based on feedback provided and strategies learned from the prior session.

By the end of the course, each participant will have an initial declaration that has been reviewed by two peers as well as knowledge of how to replicate this review within their own organizations and firms.


Requirements for participation: 

  • Commitment to participate in all 4 courses and complete the review of two other participants’ declarations.  
  • Must be a licensed attorney or DOJ accredited representative.  
    • We are unable to accept law students or paralegals at this time due to capacity.  
    • Registration priority will be given to attorneys and DOJ accredited representatives who supervise other attorneys (either within their own offices or outside pro bono attorneys).

Class size will be limited to 24 to facilitate peer learning and participation. If there is no availability during the May 2023 series, please note that we will be offering this training again soon.

Workshop cost:



Register for the May 2023 Intensive T Visa Declaration Workshop here.