Social Services E-Learning Courses

CAST provides free online courses for social service providers on a understanding human trafficking, intake best practices, and an overview of the legal system for trafficking survivors. Access all the online courses here.

Our on-demand courses now exclusively use Canvas Learning Management System. If you were enrolled before this transition, your registration has been seamlessly transferred. Visit this page for additional details.

Courses Available Include: 

  • Human Trafficking Defined for Social Service Providers
    • A tailored training for social service providers exploring an overview on what human trafficking is and looking at the legal definition of trafficking in persons.

  • Privilege and Confidentiality 
    • This training provides overview on privilege and confidentiality and strategies for intake processes in consideration of these protections.

  • Overview of Legal Remedies for Trafficking Survivors.
    • This course provides an overview for SS providers on the legal remedies available for human trafficking survivors and give practical applications of how these interconnected legal remedies may impact HT survivors. In this course, CAST's TTA team highlights what the legal remedies could be in two case examples: 1) foreign national survivor and 2) U.S. citizen survivor.