Intersection Between Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking – A Toolkit

Target Audience

This tool is primarily designed for attorneys and legal practitioners to aid in distinguishing human trafficking from domestic violence and sexual assault. Its purpose is not to offer an exhaustive analysis but rather to provide illustrative examples that can assist practitioners in framing their cases.

If you are not a legal practitioner, this tool can still be valuable in providing contextual understanding of the differences between these crimes. However, it relies on legal terminology and concepts.

Prior to Using this Tool

Practitioners should review CAST's “Human Trafficking Defined” training, which provides a comprehensive explanation of the legal definition of trafficking. Additionally, we recommend referring to our Ends-Means-Process (EMP) toolkit, which aids in the identification of human trafficking and legal theory development. These resources will provide context to the terminology used in the video.

Components of the Toolkit

In addition to a video explanation, CAST has also prepared a document that focuses on common obstacles faced when analyzing human trafficking in connection with domestic violence and sexual assault. You can access and download this document by clicking here or the icon below.

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Republication Information

This material may not be copied or duplicated in whole or part by any means without express prior agreement from CAST or the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).