AAO 2023 T Nonimmigrant Decisions Analysis

Updated November 27, 2023

CAST has complied the latest data on T nonimmigrant (I-914) AAO decisions for the year 2023 providing a look into the outcomes and basis of denial in cases related to human trafficking. As of November 27, 2023, a total of 29 cases have been published by the AAO. This data is meant to highlight interesting trends that continue to shape the landscape of T nonimmigrant and T adjustment of status appeals. In this post, we will share the specifics of the 2023 data.

Note: We will update this page as the final 2023 are published.

Overview of AAO 2023 Decisions

The data reveals a nuanced picture of T nonimmigrant cases, highlighting various bases for denial and their corresponding outcomes:

  1. Adjustment of Status (AOS):34% (3 cases)
    • Dismissed Cases:90% of cases were dismissed
    • Remanded Cases: 3.45% of cases were remanded
  2. Inadmissibility Issues:45% of cases (1 case) were denied based on inadmissibility issues
  3. Law Enforcement Cooperation: 10.34% (3 cases)
  4. Trafficking-Specific Outcomes:
    • Severe Form of Trafficking:83% of cases (13 cases)
      • 11 cases dismissed
      • 1 case granted
      • 1 case remanded
    • Physical Presence on Account of Trafficking: 31.03% of cases (9 cases)
      • 4 cases dismissed
      • 5 cases remanded

Type of Trafficking and Outcome

These cases were denied based on “Severe Form of Trafficking.” The below data highlights which cases were dismissed or remanded based on the specific type of trafficking described in the case.

Table of cases that were dismissed, granted, and remanded. Below includes the counts of the specific type of trafficking.

Comparing the 2023 data with the previous year's statistics reveals noteworthy trends: The total number of cases in 2023 (29) decreased from 2022 (102), marking a 71.57% decrease.