After Acquired Spouse in T Visas?

Can I apply for a spouse after the T visa is approved? Is there an equivalent to the U Visa I-929?

Important Update: The T Final Rule was released on April 30, 2024, updating regulations impacting T and T AOS applicants. These changes will be effective starting August 28, 2024. As a result, our resources may be temporarily out of date.

CAST is actively working on updating our trainings, advisories, and other materials to reflect the new regulations. We appreciate your patience during this transition period and encourage you to review the new regulations and our advisory, Overview of the 2024 T Visa Final Rulewhile we update our resources.

Thank you for your understanding.


The T visa does not have an exception for an after-acquired spouse. However, the USCIS Policy Manual at Vol. 3, Part B, Ch. 4.D.2 was updated in 2021 to reflect the decision in Medina Tovar v. Zuchowski, 982 F.3d 631 (9th Cir. 2020) which allows for principals who marry while their application is pending to apply for their spouse even if the relationship did not exist at the time of filing. 

For additional information, review ASISTA, CLINIC & ILRC’s Practice Alert Regarding Certain U and T After-Acquired Cases (June 11, 2021).