I-914B Law Enforcement Certifications

Do I need a law enforcement certification for my T visa application?

Unlike the U visa, a law enforcement certification ("I-914B") is not required for T visas. 8 CFR § 214.11(d)(3)(i); USCIS Policy Manual Vol. 3, Part B, Ch. 3.C.3. If you are unable to obtain an I-914B, it does not mean that your client is less likely to be approved. In fact, a majority of approved applications for T nonimmigrant status do not include a signed I-914B.

If you cannot obtain an I-914B, you can submit an attorney declaration explaining the good faith efforts you've taken on behalf of your client to report the trafficking. For more tips on how to report trafficking for T visa purposes and to see an attorney sample declaration, check out our Law Enforcement Cooperation Guide.